Working remotely with Scrum or how to stay Agile in the Home Office environment

Indrivo’s Journey to an Agile Organization

Agile Work and Home Office — do they even go together?

Must-have tools for virtual collaboration

The impact of effective communication

React quickly and with agility

Achieve more performance with cross-functional teams

Some tips from Indrivo for working remotely:

  • Manage to recruit the right people for remote teams;
  • Start with trust when interacting with remote team members;
  • Schedule short and more frequent team meetings;
  • Whenever possible, use videos while limiting emails and messaging;
  • Use interactive digital solutions for collaboration and work planning;
  • Deliver prototypes in each sprint to gather customer feedback;
  • Involve customers remotely in solution development;
  • Ensure a sustainable team experience;
  • Measure outcomes, not outputs;
  • Allow time for social bonding;
  • Set up specific rules and goals for maintaining balance (e.g., regular virtual/physical team-buildings, sports and fun activities);
  • Provide support.
  • Hold each other accountable;
  • Communicate, don’t assume;
  • Understand the levels of interaction and tools you use;
  • Look for opportunities to have fun together;
  • Take care of your health (breaks, timeout, and self-care).

Agile methods and home office bring more productivity

Would you like to experience the benefits of Agile and Scrum project development? Reach out to us and let’s open a new page in your business development.



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