Women in Tech: Getting women excited about the IT industry

  • Known as “The Sorceress of Numbers”, the mathematician Ada Lovelace (1815–1852) provided the first groundbreaking ideas in programming. To this day she is considered to be the founder of computer science.
  • Joan Clarke (1917–1996) was a crypto analyst. Together with the logician Alan Turing, she deciphered the algorithm of the rotor key machine Enigma.
  • The invention of the compiler goes back to the computer science pioneer Grace Hopper (1906–1992). She was also involved in the development of the COBOL programming language.
  • Jade Raymond, (born in 1975) is a Canadian video game producer, best known for helping create the Assassin’s Creed and Watch Dogs franchises, and executive at Google in charge of Stadia Games and Entertainment.
  • On the international average, the proportion of women in IT professions is slightly more than 20%.
  • Global players such as Google, Apple, Amazon and Facebook also have a female quota of only around 20%.
  • In Moldova, in the Information and Communication Technology sector (ICT), girls and women occupy 31% of the jobs in the sector and 19% of digital professions.

Away from clichés

Technology nerds that develop complex software programs for coke and pizza belong to the stone age of IT. Today, in most companies as well as at Indrivo, another type of specialists is in demand: communicative people who appreciate teamwork and who are curious about change. Because agile working methods changed our requirements and thus the job profiles in IT.

The need for female IT specialists is increasing

In the agile working world of the IT industry, the need for female specialists is increasing. Agile methods have a decisive impact on the leadership culture. Agile requires supportive leadership so that teams can work autonomously. That is why Indrivo actively practices the concept of Servant Leadership: Managers guide employees, these understand their strengths and use them in developing and performing their tasks. Empowering a team to do its best is paramount here. Managers need a large portion of empathy and communication skills — qualities that are often attributed to women. In addition, there is the long-known fact that mixed teams work more successfully. So there are many reasons to promote diversity in teams. A differentiated way of thinking helps better understand the customers’ needs and develop optimal solutions.

Women ideally qualify for the IT industry

Companies are beginning to realize the opportunities they are missing out on because they do not employ female IT staff. The IT industry is moving away from its old structures and guidelines. The time has come for women to find their place in IT. To do this, however, they should become more courageous and confident in their skills. Even if a job advertisement does not correspond 100 per cent to the skills acquired so far, it is often worth the courage to apply for this job. Today and in the future, those who feel comfortable in the agile working world will successfully lead a team or be part of it. Today and in the future, those who feel comfortable in the agile working world will be part of a team or successfully lead one. And women are very well qualified for it.

How women could shape IT

As of today, the employees of IT companies are mainly men, and the female perspective in the development of technological solutions is often completely absent or partial. However, the users of digital products and services are equally female and male. If to take a very specific look at Indrivo’s area of ​​mobile development, it becomes evident that the majority of apps are largely designed and developed by men. In addition, there are many apps on the market whose target group is 50% or even primarily female. It is also not uncommon that precisely these apps do not create a positive product experience for women by missing rudimentary insights and/or playing with clichés, especially when it comes to design. Therefore, we are convinced that women definitely create a benefit in app design and app development and thus in the end a better product can be generated.

How do our colleagues experience everyday life in the IT industry

To get a better insight into the everyday work of our colleagues, we want to bring some women from our company on the stage and make the diversity and creative freedom of our technical and non-technical professions visible and tangible.



Technology Solutions for the Digital Evolution. Information Technology and Agile Transformation Services.

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Technology Solutions for the Digital Evolution. Information Technology and Agile Transformation Services.