Quality Assurance at Indrivo: Better Safe Than Sorry

How to Ensure the Software Quality

  • Functional
  • Non-Functional
  • Maintenance
  • Analyzing and documenting: definition of software requirements, planning of test scripts, creation of the test plan etc.;
  • Designing how relevant requirements will be tested: determining the scope of testing, setting deadlines, figuring out what tests can be automated etc.;
  • Making sure that the test plan and cases are aligned;
  • Testing, reporting bugs and verifying that the objectives are met;
  • Checking, re-testing, reviewing;
  • Deploying the application.

Code Quality Metrics

  • Reliability (production incidents, reliability testing, reliability evaluation, average failure rate, mean time between failures) is related to aspects that show under what conditions the application might fail.
  • Performance (load testing, stress testing) refers to how efficiently users can navigate through the application and use its functions.
  • Security (number of vulnerabilities, time to resolution, security updates) is the indicator that allows seeing if the system is resistant to attackers and users can perform operations with sensitive data in a safe environment.
  • Maintainability is related to how easily the software can be updated according to the users’ needs.

Major Benefits of Quality Assurance

  • Helps the project stay on budget and schedule;
  • Catches problems in the quality process early;
  • Ensures management visibility into what is working well;
  • Reduces the end cost of the product by preventing wastage;
  • Measures the output of the quality management process;
  • Provides customers with an assurance of the quality product.
  • Completion of test case execution;
  • Bug rate falls below a certain level and no high-priority bugs are identified;
  • Management decision.

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