Big Data in the Healthcare: A Helping Hand in a Time of Crisis

What is All the Hype about Big Data in 2021?

  • Storing large amounts of data is less expensive when using big data technologies;
  • Measuring customer satisfaction through analytics is easier;
  • Having the possibility to create well-thought-out products and services based on the stored data;
  • Building flexibility with decision making;
  • Increasing the security level and reducing fraud as data can report any suspicious activity.

Big Data Analytics in Healthcare

Different Types of Analytics for Different Purposes

  • Descriptive analytics is the easiest way to study historically different healthcare decisions and their connection to the obtained results.
  • Predictive analytics uses a more complex approach, so it helps to forecast certain events and outcomes before they occur.
  • Prescriptive analytics helps to understand how hospitals can deliver better services, cut costs and improve transparency.
  • Discovery analytics is applied to process huge volumes of data to make scientific discoveries.

The Contribution of Big Data in the Healthcare Sector

  • Predictive analysis can save costs for hospitals by estimating admission rates and staff availability;
  • Wearables and other medical equipment will monitor patients’ vitals to predict health issues, as a result, health organization will be able to provide assistance before patients might require hospitalization;
  • Data analysis will show any deviation that might happen during standard procedures and will reduce the number of human errors;
  • Scientists and medical professionals will get access to a large systematized pool of data that results in scientific and technological advances.

2021: Big Data is Here to Stay



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