Best Practices and Guidelines by Indrivo on managing an Agile Dedicated Software Development Team

What is a Dedicated Team?

What can a Dedicated Team look like?

  • have a lower understanding of the development process;
  • communicate only with Indrivo’s PM, the PM will do all the management and keep track of the team lifecycle.
  • clearly understand the development process;
  • be responsible for creating a task backlog;
  • keep track of the work progress;
  • keep track of communication.

How we work at Indrivo with Scrum and Kanban



The process

Development kick-off

  • Team Meetings
  • Project Discovery
  • Release Planning

Weekly Project Deliveries

  • Planning
  • Daily Meetings
  • Cycle Reviews
  • Retrospective Reviews
  • Project Management

Scope of Work and Change Management

Scope Management Cycle

  • Development Teams, Project Managers and Project Owners are responsible for recommendations and decisions they take, thereafter influencing the budget of the development process.
  • Development teams are responsible for continuously estimating the appropriate backlog and tracking work in the pipeline. This process allows precise traceability of the work performed, as well as the speed of work.
  • Product Owners are mostly responsible for the non-technical changes in the scope of work, setting priorities and goals of the development cycle.
  • The Project Managers and Scrum Masters together with the development team are responsible for delivering the project on time.
  • A continuous assessment of the predicted delivery time and scope helps to determine the structure and size of the development team.

Managing the Project Risks

Project Reports

Development Process Norms

Development Rules

Definition of “Done”

  • Define -There is a common understanding between the Developers and the Product Owners on how the product should look and behave.
  • Implement -The task is developed. Graphic user interfaces are fully implemented.
  • Integrate -All tests are passed automatically.
  • Check -A developer checked the task/functionality manually.
  • Review -The code passed the code review and was approved by 2 developers (4-eyes principle).
  • Approve -The code has been tested and approved by the QA and the Product Owner.
  • Deliver -The code is passed to a repository and delivered to a suitable application environment.

Code Review

Code Metrics

Continuous Integration/Continuous Development

Quality Assurance

  • Unit Testing — small pieces of code are checked to see whether their functionality inputs or outputs the correct values.
  • User Interface Testing (UI) — The user interface is tested for compliance with design guidelines and mock-ups.
  • User Experience Testing (UX) — The usability is tested and measured in detail.
  • Regression Testing — To tests if the newly implemented code does not interfere with an earlier implementation.
  • Security Testing — Data security is tested.
  • Performance Testing — Testing the responsiveness, performance, and stability of a product under a simulated workload.
  • Manual Tests — The product is checked against the initial specification requirements.

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